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Is It You? Or Exhaustion?

May 19, 2017

This was me on a diet.  Seems awesome right?  It wasn’t. I was tired, cramping, dehydrated, and could barely walk. People were worried about me. This was one of my many attempts at achieving the perfect body.  And yet, I still wasn’t satisfied.  

My lifelong dream of a different body left me confused, frustrated, and fatigued.  This is the definition of diet exhaustion; it’s painful and real.  

Today, my life is entirely different, and I’m happy to say; I don’t meal plan, calorie/macro count, and I never prescriptively exercise.  Instead, I intuitively eat what feels right for me, and exercise based on what I enjoy. Most importantly, I’m happy and healthy.


Check out my signs of diet exhaustion and if it sounds like you, send me a message to learn more about making a shift just like I did, from diet exhaustion to diet freedom.

Signs of Diet Exhaustion:

1) Diets no longer “work”

2) You think something must be wrong with you

3) You dive face first in the peanut butter jar and can’t stop eating

4) You feel massively guilty when you “cheat” on your diet

5) You see food as “bad” or “good” and you feel resentment toward it

6) You feel like you are addicted to food and can’t “control” yourself

7) You feel like you have to diet to control your food and weight

8) It’s harder and harder to lose weight

9) Your make secret trips to the drive through

10) The scale determines your mood for the day

11) You think about diets, weight loss, and exercising more than most things

12) You feel cursed because you can’t eat “whatever you want”

13) You feel angst toward friends who don’t “have” to diet

14) Binge eating is on the regular

15) You need to exercise off your food the day after a binge  

16) You avoid social situations for fear there’s “nothing you can eat” or fear of cheating

17) You diet to avoid decision-making about food

18) You’ve tried several fad diets

19) You’re on a constant hunt for the “silver” bullet

20) You are envious of others’ ability to eat and/or their body

21) You are frustrated when the scale stops moving

22) You are never really satisfied with your weight loss – you always feel it should be “more”

23) The sole purpose of exercise is to lose weight

24) You feel like you should exercise and if you don’t you feel guilty

25) Exercising is not fun

26) Given the choice, you’d rather eat forbidden food than your diet food

27) You hear yourself say, “I’m trying to…..” followed by trying to eat fewer carbs, or I’m trying to eat “better”

28) You jump on whatever diet your friend claims has helped her lose weight, and it excites you

29) When your pants are tight, it stresses you and puts you in a bad mood

30) You often think, “maybe I should try….(insert diet or way of eating).

So what’s the verdict? Are you diet fatigued? Ready to make a change? Go to www.melissacoloton.com and check out my free guide to never dieting again.  Also, let me know what you think about this article and if was helpful to you.  I’d love to connect and hear what’s going on with you! And as always, please share this with your friends and family.  You never know who might need it.  

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