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How Changing the Reason Could Change the Result

March 14, 2019

Can’t maintain a diet? Do you feel like diets work short term for you but you just end up right back where you started?

Maybe you’ve dieted only to gain everything, if not more, back?

Do you wish you could just, “get your shit together?”

Look, here’s the deal – there are thousands, if not millions of people who feel the exact same way you do.

I wish I could come up with some magic way of ending the suffering we all experience when it comes to our daily struggles or the constant failures we experience fighting to be thin and healthy.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and give you the control over yourself you wish for so you could avoid eating too much, losing and gaining, and never wish for a different body ever again.

But of course, there are not magic wands..so If you’ve tried everything but just can’t seem to maintain or be “normal”…think about this…

What does all this trying actually mean to you? Deep down inside, what is it you’re actually trying to accomplish?

To be thinner?


To be healthier? So your spouse finds you more attractive? To avoid people whispering about you behind your back?

What’s the true to gosh reason?

Ask yourself this question and consider how much this has failed you.

What if you had a different reason? Would a different reason produce a different result? I’m guessing yes since the reason has remained the same for years and so has your weight, your daily struggle, your up, and your downs.

Do yourself a favor and consider a deeper reason for wanting change.

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